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Colouring Culture began in 2016, as the rise of adult colouring books launched into the marketplace. Chaz Fliy, the founder of Colouring Culture, is a designer and wellbeing coach, and realised that there were no inspiring products available that catered for his interests. Chaz began thinking and soon began creating a series of detailed illustration concepts based on a community he knew well - The Sikhs. As the concept illustrations came to life, he began adding to the collection weekly until he had created 20 original and detailed colouring-worthy art pieces. During the process of creating the illustrations, he explored how a mindfulness adult colouring book could help others, those less fortunate and communities struggling with mental health issues. Chaz recalled a visit to Uganda which he embarked on in 2014, where he was fortunate to spend some time teaching at an orphanage school. The memories of the experiences were both joyous and eye-opening, to note that many children in lesser developed countries did not own their own school books, pencils or art supplies. This memory got Chaz thinking and Colouring Culture was formed. This was an initiative to help the mental wellbeing of adults in ethnic and cultured communities. With every one book sold, Colouring Culture provides a free book to an underfunded school or child in communities it supports.

During April 2020, there was an event that would change the course of history as we knew it. Covid-19 created a time of uncertainty, heightening physical illness and the rise of mental health conditions. Chaz took the opportunity to revisit the colouring book project and had time to reflect on an even bigger vision for the project. A book series would be created to help individuals connect to a topic they were interested in, and connect to their own culture. It would also support artists who were struggling to receive work or commissions during and after the global pandemic. Chaz made a decision to make the project a collective one. He contacted talented artists, writers and strategy advisors within the Sikh community to help create a project on a larger scale, and it was launched on Kickstarter as a crowdfunding campaign!

The book was successfully funded by supportive backers and, after several months, we were able to release our first in the series of art therapy colouring-in books, starting with The Sikhs. We hope that you will enjoy the journey.



With EVERY Colouring Book sold,

we will give ONE absolutely FREE

to an underprivileged school. 

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